MAXVAL Capital Management has a single mission:

Maximize Value For Investors

Vision & Mission

The Vision

MAXVAL is a founder-managed value investor and was launched with a single goal: to create an attractive investment alternative to sales-driven, actively managed mainstream funds on the one hand and passive index funds on the other.


„My vision is to generate significant added value for value-oriented investors with a long-term investment horizon with a fund advised by MAXVAL.“


Ronny Ruchay, Founder of MAXVAL Capital Management

The Mission

MAXVAL aspires to multiply the invested capital of the fund investors in the long term.

MAXVAL aims for a compound annual growth rate of the invested capital that is well above the long-term market average. Fundamental investment risks are consistently limited by applying the principles of value investing.


MAXVAL sees itself as a role model for a value-focused, long-term investor.

MAXVAL communicates honestly, clearly and distinctly. Fund investors are enabled to understand exactly what to expect and what not.

The Values

Fund investors are number one priority at MAXVAL.

The fund investor is at the center of everything MAXVAL does. MAXVAL is only entitled to exist if significant added value is generated for the fund investors.


MAXVAL is value(s)-focused.

MAXVAL thinks and acts according to value and values. Intrinsic business value is the core variable in all investment decisions. MAXVAL's daily activities are based on clear values and proven investment principles.


MAXVAL thinks and acts long-term.

All decisions are aimed at fulfilling MAXVAL's mission. MAXVAL prefers to measure its performance in line with its long-term goal. Everything short-term and temporary is secondary.


MAXVAL is based on partnership.

MAXVAL attaches great importance to a partnership relationship with fund investors, the management of invested companies and business partners. A key element is the alignment of interest between fund investors (principal) and MAXVAL (agent).

Investing is a marathon, not a sprint

Most investors – especially institutional investors – behave like sprinters who – consciously or unconsciously – focus on short-term stock price development. This is reinforced by the constraints of their institution. For these investors, there is nothing worse than falling short of the benchmark or the competition in a quarter or a year – that is, in the short term. At best, the result is a mediocre long-term return for fund investors. Countless studies prove this. 


MAXVAL is different. MAXVAL thinks and acts long-term, value-focused, disciplined, patient and goal-oriented.


This is comparable to a top marathon runner who has prepared long and hard for the race. They follow their proven strategy with discipline so as not to suffer a break-in. They keep the distant goal in view. They confidently trust their strategy, which – as long as they are disciplined and consistently pursue it – will allow them to reach the goal right at the front. Top athletes do not get upset when other runners temporarily overtake them. They trust in their inner values and strengths, even if they fall behind for a short time. They know that the toughest opponent are they themselves. They are patient until the time is right to attack. And finish with record time.


The mindset of a successful marathon runner is not far from that of a successful investor. MAXVAL's goal is that fund investors are successful investors.


MAXVAL is ready for the investment marathon

MAXVAL focuses exclusively on proven and successful value investing strategies, which the founder, Ronny Ruchay, has been applying very successfully for 20 years.


The investment strategies are essentially based on specific selection criteria in connection with extensive fundamental research in order to benefit from mispricing in different forms and situations. On this basis, investment candidates with the most attractive risk-return profile are identified. That includes what are commonly referred to as growth stocks. These strategies show a reduced correlation to one another in certain market phases.


Over two decades of professional experience and an extensive network opens up a global investment universe across all industries and all company sizes.


This allows a high degree of flexibility in order to be able to ignore overvalued market segments and to focus on market segments in which the probability of identifying significantly undervalued companies is greatest.


In contrast to conventional, highly diversified funds, the fund advised by MAXVAL is almost ideal for the successful implementation of these investment strategies.


The fund's structure allows a concentrated portfolio with the best investment ideas from MAXVAL.


MAXVAL is structured and organized in such a way that discipline and independent thinking are guaranteed in order to make rational investment decisions and avoid investment errors.


The founder, Ronny Ruchay, will invest a large part of his own net worth in the fund* in order to reinforce the alignment of interest between principal (fund investors) and agent (MAXVAL).


The alignment of interest is also at the core of MAXVAL's intention to close the fund above a certain size in order to prevent size-related disadvantages for existing fund investors.


In addition, MAXVAL has the stated goal of passing on economies of scale to fund investors above a certain fund volume in order to significantly reduce the total expense ratio.


The founder, Ronny Ruchay, is convinced that with MAXVAL he has created all the prerequisites to generate significant added value for value-oriented, long-term fund investors.