We are flexible in thinking

MAXVAL is flexible in thinking but unshakeable in principles


The  M A X V A L  Model


Maximizing fund return

MAXVAL seeks to maximize absolute and relative fund returns over the long-term, with the ultimate goal of multiplying fund investors' invested assets in line with NAV per fund share over the long term


„Sleep well“ communication

MAXVAL communicates honestly, clearly and unambiguously. Fund investors should understand exactly what they can and cannot expect. Procyclical investor behavior should be avoided and fund investors should be supported in achieving their investment goal.

Value and values

MAXVAL thinks and acts according to value and values. The intrinsic value of the company is the central factor in all investment decisions. Integrity, discipline, reliability and independence are both MAXVAL's and my values.


Performance over size

MAXVAL is a return maximizer and not a volume maximizer. The fund is intended to be closed above a certain fund size. MAXVAL aims to pass on economies of scale to fund investors in the course of increasing fund volume via a significant reduction in the total expense ratio.

Fund as partnership

MAXVAL considers the fund as a form of partnership between fund investors and MAXVAL as fund advisor. The goal is to achieve the greatest possible equality of interests between all partners. Therefore, as a fund advisor, I have invested the majority of my net worth in the fund. I eat my own cooking.


Value Investing

The discrepancy between value and price determines investment success. This insight is as logical as it is profitable. MAXVAL applies specific value investing strategies with the aim of recognizing mispricings and exploiting it profitably that has been successfully pursued by the fund advisor for more than 20 years.

Focus on quality companies

Quality companies fundamentally outperform average companies over the long-term. They are more resistant to economic crises. Competing companies cannot pose a threat to them due to sustainable competitive advantages.


Margin of safety

Avoiding a permanent loss of capital is the top priority. The greater the value-price difference, the greater the margin of safety, the greater the risk buffer and the lower the investment risk. Volatility is not a risk, but generates attractive investment opportunities.

Concentrated investment portfolio

Diversification does not correlate with outstanding investment performance. MAXVAL pursues the concept of investing exclusively in its best investment ideas. Really attractive investment opportunities are rare. Consequently, investments are concentrated in these.

Rational and long-term

The greatest enemy of the successful investor is her/himself. At MAXVAL knowledge, decision and responsibility are concentrated in one person. Rational investment decisions should be a logical consequence. The focus on the long term ensures that MAXVAL’s vision and mission are anchored in all decisions.